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Everyone can relate to the experience of a first date: the promise of potential love when it goes well and the hilariously awkward moments if it crashes and burns.

But now, apps like Uber and Lyft rule the road.”“If artificial intelligence were thoroughly trained on, for example, what body language signifies about the level of chemistry, things like this could be absolutely plausible,” he says.

“If these algorithms had seen in successful dates that engaged dates tend to lean in closer to one another, keep their arms from being crossed, flushing of the skin, and genuine laughter, those could be signs of a great date.”Some experts take technology a step farther, envisioning a time when we form romantic relationships not just with other people but also with robots.

Yet, as the mainstream adoption over dating apps has shown in the past few years, it’s inevitable that in coming decades these technologies will slowly blend into society.

They may offer the promise of first dates with no awkward silences, and possibly even successful relationships.

If things go really well, you can share an embrace and, with the help of odor sensors and scent generators, even smell her perfume or his cologne.

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As a result, experts say that 70 percent of all couples in the developed world will initially meet online by 2040. But the desire to avoid needless risk may be paramount — especially for women.“It’s a big step going from sending messages on an app to actually meeting in person,” says Clemens Wangerin, managing director of v Time, a U.

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In this virtual world, you’ll see and hear what your date sees and hears; you’ll also be able to see, hear, and even touch your date.Will people really feel comfortable sharing such intimate secrets with total strangers?Beber thinks so, citing the rapid acceptance of ride-sharing services.“If you told someone 20 years ago that you could find a random stranger to come to wherever you are and you’d get in their car to take you somewhere, they’d look at you like you were crazy.Dateline is NBC’s signature newsmagazine, bringing viewers storytelling at its best.Our stories range from compelling mysteries to powerful documentaries and in-depth investigations.Lester Holt is the principal anchor, joined by correspondents Andrea Canning, Josh Mankiewicz, Keith Morrison and Dennis Murphy.